Ohioans for Parental Choice is proud to support these candidates endorsed by the School Choice Ohio Alliance

Supporting School Choice Advocates Begins in August Primaries


School Choice Ohio Alliance, an organization dedicated to ensuring every Ohio parent knows and understands where members of and candidates for the Ohio Legislature stand on issues impacting school choice options in the Buckeye State, issued endorsements for the following candidates:

  • House District 90 Rep. Brian Baldridge
  • House District 86 Rep. Tracey Richardson
  • House District 85 Tim Barhorst
  • House District 84 Jacob Larger
  • House District 82 Roy Klopfenstein
  • House District 78 Rep. Susan Manchester
  • House District 70 Rep. Brian Lampton
  • House District 67 Ron Falconi
  • House District 56 Adam Matthews, Kathy Grossman
  • House District 30 Rep. Bill Seitz
  • House District 28 Chris Monzel
  • House District 27 Joe Murray, Lindsay Cole
  • House District 24 Rep. Dale Mallory
  • Senate District 17 Rep. Shane Wilkin
  • Senate District 21 Rep. John Barnes

This is the first time that School Choice Ohio Alliance (SCOA) has chosen to endorse candidates based upon the results of a candidate survey. SCOA looks forward to highlighting the stances on the issues that matter to the organization in the upcoming legislative primaries and again in the General Election.

For any questions, please contact the organization at [email protected].